Kathak Townhall :

Kathak Townhall ‘ is a first-of-its-kind monthly online series hosted by ‘All Things Kathak’,  a research-driven online platform to share stories, research, trivia and experiences around Kathak dance.

The Townhall series was started with the aim of creating a space for discussions in an informal, friendly environment, about topics that concern us as dancers. Townhall, as the name suggests is an occasion for the community to come together on one platform, to talk about things that matter to them. The topics for each Townhall session are a mixed bag. Some session topics reflect the concerns of the people, and others are decided keeping in mind interesting research based topics people would find interesting to get together and chat about, such as watching film dances of a particular actor or choreographer, decoding a particular Hindi film song, etc.

Here are some posters and images of previous Kathak Townhall sessions :

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